Top 6 Reasons Why Mallforms Temporary Office Partition Walls Are The Best Solution To Affordably, Quickly & Easily Divide Up Working Space For Increased Productivity & Business Growth

Do you need to partition a big office room into smaller offices for your employees to work more efficiently and have a more pleasant working environment?

If so, then look no further than Mallforms for your office wall needs. Mallforms has a cost effective, easy to setup, and flexible office partition wall solution for you. Business owners and managers, in multiple industries absolutely love and have been using the temporary walls for over the past 28 years we’ve been in business.

The walls are made with an aluminium framing in a satin clear anodized finish with infill panels that are ¼” thick in either an MDF core with an off-white vinyl laminate on both sides or solid PVC.

Now let’s look in more details at just 6 reasons why Mallforms temporary office walls partitions are the very best solution for your office wall needs.

#1: Flexible – Create Any Configuration You Can Imagine…

Our temporary office wall dividers are very flexible and will allow you to easily change their configuration quickly and with minimum effort whenever needed. They are lightweight and modular, it’s so easy that anybody can do it, so no need to hire a contractor to modify the wall layout.

#2: Quick & Simple – Our Walls Only Take One Tool!

We know that there is more than enough work already going on in the business, so that’s why we designed our walls to be easy and fast to set up.

It literary only takes one screwdriver (that we even supply to you) to set the walls up – that again is super simple and quick to set up – without any hassles, so you can get back to work quickly with increased focus and productivity.

#3: Super Affordable While Still Maintaining The Highest Quality

We take pride in offering the highest quality of walls that maintain the professional look and durable strength for years (we literally have some customers that have been using our office wall partitions for over 20 years).

With our modular office partitions, you won’t have to pay a contractor to construct a sheetrock wall, that takes more time to set up, ends up being a lot more expensive, and can’t really ever be removed without requiring a lot more time and money to move it.

Our temporary office walls partitions are affordable, while still having the highest quality and strength, that are simple and quick to set up – that you won’t find anywhere else.

#4 Privacy – Much More Work Done In Way Less Time…

With our modular office walls, you will be able to maintain a structured and productive environment by having each team member with their own office, feeling in more control, more focused, and more productive to get the work done.

#5: Portable – You’ll Be Able To Quickly & Easily Take The Walls Wherever Needed

Traditional walls are nearly impossible to move to a new place in case you need to change your office location. Thanks to their innovative design, Mallforms partition walls for office can be easily dismounted and carried to the new location to be assembled again – in any configuration. No mess, No fuss!

#6: Safe – Mallform’s Walls Are Fireproof and Super Sturdy!

Our walls are Class A and Class III fire rated that meet the fire safety codes in the US. Our temporary office walls partitions are safe and sturdy, and as mentioned, have been proven to stand the test of time.

So if you’re looking for office partition walls that are the most cost effective, easiest and quickest to set up to configure to any situation you need – for more organization, increased productivity, and business growth, look no further than the Mallforms office walls.

In order to start the process of getting your exact temporary office walls partitions in place, just fill out the form below, to tell us what size you need, and we’ll send you the quote including estimated shipping to you right away. Start getting immediate productivity, and business growth the Mallforms office walls will provide for you and your staff.

If you need your Mallforms Temporary modular office wall with a door and lock, please let us know – and we’ll include that in the price as well.

And anything else please let us know, we are happy to help with all your temporary office partitions needs, and we are looking forward to talking soon!

Enter your dimensions (Length x Height) in feet. Example: 100ft x 8ft
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Mallforms barricades/Temporary walls are suited for Commercial Applications rather than Residential

Why People Choose MallForms:
  • REUSABLE - start saving thousands just after two uses
  • Professional look, safe, and sturdy, and long lasting
  • Extremely quick setup time
  • Disruption proof to mall shoppers or public spaces
  • No dust, No painting, No waste
  • Adjustable to any configuration
  • Advertising surfaces for additional revenue generation (Apply graphics or implement the display case, poster holders, light boxes and/or shelving components)
  • Choose an exciting range of colors panels and create the custom look you want.
  • Lightweight aluminum framing makes it extremely easy to setup and adjust quickly.
  • Panel sections can be reconfigured to fit any area
  • No construction cleanup (save A TON of money and time)
  • Secure doors can be incorporated within the barricades
  • Vinyl laminated finish is easy to clean and maintain
Watch the video below to see pictures of our Temporary Construction Walls:
Quick And Easy Setup

See the entire detailed step by step assembly instructions by clicking here

New Cladding Walls

See the entire detailed step by step assembly instructions by clicking here

New Adjustable Height Option

New adjustable height option to quickly and easily add 1 to 18 inches to any Mallforms Temporary Wall to eliminate any gaps between the construction and pedestrian zone to accommodate uneven ceiling heights

New Stabilizing Cap or Floor Track

New U-Channel that fits right over the top of the panels will give the Mallforms Temporary Wall even more strength and stability. It can be used as a cap or as a floor track.

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