5 Reasons Why Mallform’s Modular Wall System Is The Best Solution, Saving You Money & Time On Your Next Construction Project

Mallform’s modular wall systems can be effectively used instead of traditional dry walls and pay for themselves after just two uses!

The best part about MallForm’s modular wall system is how quick and easy they are to set up, it only takes one third of the time to set up MallForm’s reusable walls compared to the time it takes to set up traditional drywall.

Our modular walls can be used anywhere, seriously, in all kinds of different places such as airports, shopping malls, construction projects, show rooms and basically any open work space you can imagine. (we even have modular office walls as well).  Another bonus about using MallForm’s modular wall system is that they just look way more cleaner, neater and more professional.

So if you’re in need of temporary walls for your next construction project, you’ll want to keep reading this to find out the five specific reasons on why you should choose MallForm’s modular wall systems to save money and time on your next project.

#1: Extremely Fast Modular Wall System Setup

You may think that setting up a wall is complicated and long, but that is all in the past.

With our modular systems, set up is super simple and the whole process can be done very fast, in just a few minutes, talk about record breaking time!

When we say fast, we mean it. You can actually assemble a whole panel of our modular walls within just a few minutes. Seriously, even if you’re in the middle of set up and realize you need to make radical adjustments, you can easily adapt and change the structure and design it accordingly to fit your needs.

Being able to make any needed adjustments to our movable wall systems without sacrificing time and the headache and hassle of having to deal with traditional drywall and wasting materials that follow if changes need to be made is a must.

#2: This Reusable Modular Walls System Saves You Money

When we say reusable, we mean it. Our modular walls systems are very environmentally friendly since you can use the same product for almost infinite projects, saving not just the environment but time, energy and money!

Disassembling the wall construction is super easy and in only a few minutes you can have everything taken down, stored away and be ready to easily use for a future project.

Since you can re-use our modular wall systems, after just two uses you’re saving thousands of dollars and saving yourself the headache that comes with dealing from drywall alone.

Another great thing about our reusable wall system is that you won’t need any heavy machinery or a lot of manual labor in this process. You’ll be able to take down and set up very quickly with no complex, heavy machinery.

One more thing that is also important in this aspect, is that when you take the movable wall panel system down, you won’t be left with any debris or marks, making for a fast, easy, breezy clean up.

#3: Professional, Strong & Sturdy Modular Walls

We, at Mallforms, are proud of our usage of the latest available technologies that have provided us with a very long lasting and professional product. Since we are making modular wall systems that need to endure all kinds of weather conditions and elements, our walls are extremely strong and designed to stay clean.

They are covered with a vinyl laminated coating which prevents them from getting dirty. This will also save you money since they don’t need any painting jobs or renovations.

#4: Advertising Potential

Modular wall systems also make for a great advertising surface. There are several ways that these walls can be used for commercial uses through application of large graphics that really stick out and draw attention to them, or they can even be used as poster holders.

A great thing about being able to use our modular wall systems as advertisements, is even if you don’t need to use the space for your own advertising, you can rent them as an advertising space to someone else which can help pay off the costs of the wall itself!

#5: Adjustable

Our movable wall panels are adjustable to fit any combination of form and situation. You do not have to be an expert in design or construction to use or set up a temporary wall and there is no need for use of special technology while setting them up.

They are very easy to adapt, modify and expand because they consist of very lightweight aluminum frame. If needed, there is also an option of incorporating the door into your temporary wall (just be sure to ask about our portable walls with doors option).

Avoid the headache, time and frustration that comes from dealing with temporary drywall.

Check out MallForm’s reusable modular wall systems if you’re in need of a quick, fast, clean, easy, cost friendly wall solution, for your next construction project.

Get your 100% free movable walls commercial quote today by going to https://www.mallforms.com/request-a-quote-now/.

mallforms modular walls system
Mallforms barricades/Temporary walls are suited for Commercial Applications rather than Residential

Why People Choose MallForms:
  • REUSABLE - start saving thousands just after two uses
  • Professional look, safe, and sturdy, and long lasting
  • Extremely quick setup time
  • Disruption proof to mall shoppers or public spaces
  • No dust, No painting, No waste
  • Adjustable to any configuration
  • Advertising surfaces for additional revenue generation (Apply graphics or implement the display case, poster holders, light boxes and/or shelving components)
  • Choose an exciting range of colors panels and create the custom look you want.
  • Lightweight aluminum framing makes it extremely easy to setup and adjust quickly.
  • Panel sections can be reconfigured to fit any area
  • No construction cleanup (save A TON of money and time)
  • Secure doors can be incorporated within the barricades
  • Vinyl laminated finish is easy to clean and maintain
Watch the video below to see pictures of our Temporary Construction Walls:
Quick And Easy Setup

See the entire detailed step by step assembly instructions by clicking here

New Cladding Walls

See the entire detailed step by step assembly instructions by clicking here

New Adjustable Height Option

New adjustable height option to quickly and easily add 1 to 18 inches to any Mallforms Temporary Wall to eliminate any gaps between the construction and pedestrian zone to accommodate uneven ceiling heights

New Stabilizing Cap or Floor Track

New U-Channel that fits right over the top of the panels will give the Mallforms Temporary Wall even more strength and stability. It can be used as a cap or as a floor track.

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