The Professional, Easy To Set Up, Reusable Temporary Construction Walls That Save Thousands Of Dollars Right After The Second Use

The MallForms modular temporary wall system offers you a BEYOND cost effective solution for temporary walls, construction walls, barricades, and partitions.

The MallForms SAVES you thousands starting only after the SECOND use.

Temporary Walls, Construction Walls, Partitions, Temporary Office Walls and More The MallForms system is modular, adaptable, and expandable.

The MallForms temporary wall solutions set up and break down fast and easy.

No more costly and messy drywall.

And our temporary enclosures system is totally customizable.

You tell us what type of wall or partition you need (application, height, length, color, etc.) and we will do the rest.

We will help you with the layout and overall design needs.

Another benefit of the MallForms modular system is that it is sturdy, long-lasting, light weight, easy to deploy and break down.

Therefore, the system can be left in place as a permanent structure.

Just give us a call and we will give you a quick quote and one-on-one service: 1 (586) 263-1550 (if the lines are busy, keep calling) or you can fill out this simple form to your get your free quote.

Temporary Walls Applications:

Temporary Walls for Office Applications

Mallform’s modular and reusable wall systems provide you with the ability to deploy temporary walls quickly and without messy construction.

No building permits are required in most cases because the walls are self-contained temporary structures (Please check with your local building codes to be sure).

Our temporary walls system can be customized for:

Temporary Walls for Office Applications

  • Office Environments
  • Retail Environments
  • Airports / Bus Stations
  • Museums
  • Trade shows and more

Temporary Walls Partitions:

Temporary Walls / Barricades for construction projectsThe Mallform’s temp walls system are versatile.

Therefore, our temporary wall systems are great for partitions to;

  • Manage Traffic Flow (foot traffic)
  • Divide Work Areas
  • Create Modular / Temporary Office Walls

Construction Projects:

The Mallforms temporary wall system is deployed world-wide in shopping centers, office buildings, airports, bus stations and other public spaces.

The fact that the temporary wall system is easy to deploy, lightweight, sturdy, reusable – makes it an AMAZING tool for contractors.

In many situations, contractors must “build” temporary wall partitions and barricades within a public space to protect the public from ongoing construction projects as a condition for winning the construction contract.

It is NOT economical for a contractor to pay for drywall  walls, only to tear them down and throw them away…

Mallform’s reusable temporary wall partitions let’s you start saving money after only the second time you use it.

Right now , using MallForm’s temporary wall system, you can create temporary walls fast, move them around if needed, change the configuration, and reuse the wall system for the next construction project.

Over and Over again.

Some of Mallform’s users are still using the temporary wall partitions they bought TEN YEARS ago!

Flat Laminate Overlay Can be Easily Applied Over Our Temporary Construction Walls

General Specs:

If you want more specific details on our temporary wall panels here they are:

Lightweight Aluminum Extrusions:

  • Matte Aluminum clear anodized finish
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Custom sizes available
  • Complete with hardware & ready to install
  • Easy to clean and maintain temporary wall panels

Vinyl Laminated or PVC Panel Sections:

  • 5mm thick MDF core panel with vinyl laminate on both sides (indoor use)
  • 6mm thick solid PVC panels (outdoor use)
  • Custom colors (see frequently asked questions for color availability
  • Fire Rated (see Fire Rating section for PDF file)
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to apply graphics
  • Can be painted
  • overall everything  keep the temporary wall cost down


As described above, the installation (deployment) of the movable walls and partitions is very easy!

We have the option to deliver you a temporary wall with door as well (anywhere you want it).

No messy construction, no cutting, painting, and no waste removal.


What about graphic applications?

Graphics can be easily applied to the MallForm’s temporary wall system.

We can work with you or your marketing department and graphic house to provide sizing and options solution for your temporary wall.

To get started right now:

Just fill in the info right below and we’ll get back to you right away with a free quote and answer any questions you may have to find the perfect cost effective solution for your temporary wall construction needs.

Enter your dimensions (Length x Height) in feet. Example: 100ft x 8ft
Example: construction, shopping centers, office/commercial use

Note: MallForms barricades/temporary walls are suited for Commercial Applications rather than Residential.

This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

PS: here’s a few picture we just got in from a recent customer that are more than happy with our temporary wall enclosures so you can see what they look like better (and can view more photos of our walls in use on our photo gallery page).

The Best Reusable Temporary Wall Solution
Article Name
The Best Reusable Temporary Wall Solution
#1 in the temporary wall solution space for over 40+ years
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Mallforms barricades/Temporary walls are suited for Commercial Applications rather than Residential

Why People Choose MallForms:
  • REUSABLE - start saving thousands just after two uses
  • Professional look, safe, and sturdy, and long lasting
  • Extremely quick setup time
  • Disruption proof to mall shoppers or public spaces
  • No dust, No painting, No waste
  • Adjustable to any configuration
  • Advertising surfaces for additional revenue generation (Apply graphics or implement the display case, poster holders, light boxes and/or shelving components)
  • Choose an exciting range of colors panels and create the custom look you want.
  • Lightweight aluminum framing makes it extremely easy to setup and adjust quickly.
  • Panel sections can be reconfigured to fit any area
  • No construction cleanup (save A TON of money and time)
  • Secure doors can be incorporated within the barricades
  • Vinyl laminated finish is easy to clean and maintain
Quick And Easy Setup

See the entire detailed step by step assembly instructions by clicking here

New Cladding Walls

See the entire detailed step by step assembly instructions by clicking here

New Adjustable Height Option

New adjustable height option to quickly and easily add 1 to 18 inches to any Mallforms Temporary Wall to eliminate any gaps between the construction and pedestrian zone to accommodate uneven ceiling heights

New Stabilizing Cap or Floor Track

New U-Channel that fits right over the top of the panels will give the Mallforms Temporary Wall even more strength and stability. It can be used as a cap or as a floor track.

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